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 I entered the industry of Make-up & Special Effects at age 19 , doing some work on a low-budget feature
called "The Dead Pit" , then shortly after I met Effects-creator Robert Short (Beetlejuice, Splash, Cocoon,
TV's The Flash) at a convention .About a month later I received a call from Robert asking if I would work
with his crew on the feature film "Little Monsters" in Marina Del Rey , California. I accepted of course,
with only the knowledge of self-taught Sculptures , Fangs , & Masks in my Parents garage, I worked on
make-up appliances, and learned on the job at Robert's shop.

 Following that I went to Make-up school for a bit learning what I didn't know like Old age, character, &
even Beauty make-up (for times when FX jobs were scarce) .
After school , I did make-up on Fashion models for photo-shoots & for John Casablanca's Modeling school .
Then other projects followed like a Film called 'Megaville' where I did old-age & character make-up on
Daniel J. Travanti , I also did make up on Billy Zane , some other actors & extras.

 After all that, I worked on films like "Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country" as a sculptor, "Magic Island"
sculpting & casting the Mermaid tail , "The Viking Sagas" making molds & castings , "Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight"
doing fabrication , painting & hair-punching for the Cryptkeeper , "Hidden World" & "Demon in a Bottle" .

 The best year I ever had in the industry was when I worked on "Starship Troopers" making fiberglass molds & castings,
"Star Trek: First Contact" as a Moldmaker, and the opportunity I wanted for some time ... to work for Rob Bottin
on "Deep Rising", I was able to do Molds, Castings, and learn from one of the professionals who inspired me to get
into this business. Following that job I worked on "Alien 4: Resurrection" Molding & Casting the weapons ,
& "Soldier" a film that I Sculpted the helmets that Kurt Russell wore & the Soldier helmets.

 Currently , I do freelance Make-up Effects, Make Various Sculpting Armature Forms, Custom Masks & even Teach
at Make-up School from time to time, I also do Custom Graphic Art & Website Design...
 (Including this Website which I created Myself) .

 If anyone has questions about Make-up FX take a look at my FAQ page,
if you don't see an answer to your question, send me an email or look me up on Facebook...
I would be happy to answer any questions.

     David Mosher

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