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Below are Photos of my customer's creations on my Sculpting forms!
(Click images to see Larger Photos)

   Sam McCain has been a Maskmaker for many Years,
 he created "Big Ben" from the Movie "House" on my Sculpting Form...
(Unfortunatley Sam has passed away, R.I.P. Sam, it was great getting to know you & meeting you, you left too soon!)
Sam 1Sam 2Sam 3Sam 5Here is a Photo showing the Sculpt almost completed!This is the Finished Sculpt, cast & painted on the complete Bodysuit ready for Monsterpalooza!Photo of the Movie Big Ben Zombie!Detail Photo of the Movie Big Ben Zombie!

   Brandon Allen in Canada who bought Two Forms!

Brandon 1Brandon 2Brandon 6Brandon 3Brandon 5Brandon 4Brandon 7Brandon 8

Ray Charland Sculpted this familiar character on the Maskmaker form!

Ray Charland Sculpt photo 1Ray Charland Sculpt Photo 2Ray Charland Mask Photo 1Ray Charland Mask photoMasksZombie 1Zombie 2Zombie 3

Clown 1Clown CompletedVampVamps

 Here's Ray's Latest Sculpt!
Eddie Sculpt New

 Chris Collis Sculpted this Helmet...& Roughed out 2 others...

Chris Collis Sculpt 1Chris Collis Helmet Sculpt 4Chris Collis Helmet 1Chris Collis Helmet photo 2Chris Collis Sculpt 2Chris Collis Helmet Sculpt 3

  Robert Michael is currently Sculpting this Prosthetic on his Maskmaker form!

Robert Michael Sculpt Photo 1

  Allen Amis is starting a Darth Revan mask sculpt...

Allen Amis Sculpt photo 1


   Sean Donahue Sculpted this Demon Face & created this Foamed-Gelatine Prosthetic on the Halfcast Form...
Sean Donahue photo 1Sean Donahue Photo 2Sean Donahue Sculpt Photo 3Sean Donahue photo 4

  Chris Lowk Sculpted this Mask on the Halfcast form...

Chris Lowk Sculpt Photo 2Chris Lowk Sculpt photo 1


  Evil Chimp FX Sculpted this Lizard Alien on the Female Halfcast form... & an Avatar Prosthetic on the Male Halfcast form,  the Gelatine Prosthetic, A Vampire Brow Sculpt, Lion King Prosthetic, finished Lion King Prosthetic, Zombie mask, Zombie Mask on girl, The Grinch, finished Grinch, Mistique (From X-Men) on the Female Halfcast Form,

Lizard Alien Sculpt by Evil Chimp FXAvatar Sculpt by Evil Chimp FX
Avatar Gelatine Prosthetic by Evil Chimp FXVampire Brow Sculpt by Evil Chimp FXScar (Lion King) ProstheticFinished Lion King Prosthetic

  Gore FX
Sculpted this Zombie on the Ultimate Maskmaker Form ...here is an Unpainted mask, and the Finished mask.

  Russell Moody this as one of his first Sculpted Masks, off to a great start!

  Daniel Martinez Muņoz did an AMAZING Job Painting my Zombie Bust Resin Kit!!!


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