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 (1) What Make-up School would I recommend ?

 I don't recommend any specific school, because it really depends on what you want to learn, some schools offer
the same thing but you should go to the school and see for yourself, ask to see samples of past students work &
ask specific questions, also keep in mind that No school can guarentee a job after graduation, it's your skills,
talent, and experience that will get you work. Some schools will refer work to graduate students.
For Special Make-up Effects I would have to say "Dick Smith's Advanced Professional Make-up Course"
is the best out there, it's full of information you won't find elsewhere and it's worth every penny!
He also offers "The Basic 3-D Make-up Course" if you are starting from the beginning.
(Check the Links page)

 (2) Do I offer my sculptures or works for sale ?

 I am currently making some Film-quality Prop/Display heads which I will be selling on my site later this year.
Also available soon will be some detailed Halloween type masks that I am working on, the designs are
very unique, so keep an eye out for them.

 (3) Could I make a custom Mermaid Tail for sale ?

 Yes, I can make a custom Mermaid tail like the one I did for "Magic Island", I would have
to get a mold of the person's legs and part of their stomach in order to create a custom fitting
Tail that would look realistic.
The Tail would be made of a special urethane that makes it look extremely realistic and also
durable enough to withstand Salt water.
I can also create a lighter weight latex "Dry Tail", made for out of water occasions and photo shoots.
Tails can be painted with iridescent colors to give a very realistic appearance.

 Please email me if you are serious about having a Mermaid Tail custom made.

         SPLASH Mermaid

 (4) What inspired me to get into Make-up Effects?

I started out as an Illustrator and Painter, drawing a lot of characters from Greek Mythology books, and also Superheroes,
but I was always fascinated by Movies. The Sinbad Movies really got me interested in Creatures and Monsters. "Clash of
the Titans" was great at the time. "Star Wars" was a Big influence too. I actually tried to learn to sculpt in Jr. High school
(7th and 8th grades) but I really stunk at it. I tried to make a Dragon and it looked like a Worm with a Elephant's body,
so I gave-up. Later in High School I saw the "Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller", that, and movies like "Splash"
(what a great looking Mermaid Tail), "The Terminator" (The Cyborg make-up and the Robot at the end), and other Films
that had make-up effects by Dick Smith, Rick Baker, Rob Bottin, Kevin Yagher, & Stan Winston,
really inspired me to get into the business.
Rick Baker Troll Sculpt
Bottin Darkness
Dark Crystal logo
CLash of the Titans Logo
Dick Smith PropsRick Baker Monster Maker                   

     Rob Bottin & FriendTerminator                   
 (5) Do I offer Sculpting Classes?

 I  taught Sculpting Classes in the Past but now I don't have the time in my schedule to offer Step-by-Step instruction.
If I start teaching Sculpting Classes again, I'll post information here on my website...

 (6) What Books or Magazines do I reccommend?

   This magazine has some great behind-the-scenes photos & information

   Each issue is the most detailed behind-the-scenes magazine available.

   Horror Magazine with some great Photos!

   Check out my Links page I have several links to Magazines and Books.

 (7)What advice would I give to beginning Sculptors?

 I would tell them when they start sculpting to Focus mainly on the Forms of what they are trying to create,
Not the fine details (Save that for last).
IF they are Sculpting a Person, rely on Detailed Reference Photos and Anatomy following correct Anatomical
structures will make your Sculptures much more believable, even if you are only sculpting a Face.

 Also try out the various kinds of Clay to decide what you prefer, Each Clay has benefits...

* W.E.D. Also known as EM-217 (Water & Oil Based)
  WED Clay Photo

 Originally developed by Walter E. Disney and sold by Laguna Clay Company is specialty
formulated for large sculptures at a low cost. W.E.D clay has glycerin in it so it dries
very slowly to a leathery texture with limited cracking.

* Roma Plastilina (Oil-Based)
  Roma Plastilina Clay Photo

 It's available in four consistencies:
   * Soft, used for making large sculptures.
   * Medium, generally used for portrait heads, busts, and figure work.
   * Medium-Firm, used in making models and smaller objects;
   * Extra-Hard, used in highly detailed work.

* Chavant (plasteline)
  Chavant Clay Photo

 NSP (Non Sulfurated Plasteline) is a sulfur free sculpting clay.
Replacing sulphur minimizes difficulties associated to mold making
with silicone rubber.

* Super Sculpey III (Polymer Clay)
  Super Sculpey III Clay Photo

 This semi-translucent, beige-pink clay is ideal for dolls, prototypes for casting
and all types of sculpture. It features excellent modeling qualities, takes tooling
beautifully, and bakes to a ceramic-like finish. It can be painted with acrylic paint
and water-based glazes.

* Van Aken Plastalina (Oil-Based)
  Van Aken Clay Photo

 This pigmented, oil-based modeling compound is a favorite of sculptors, model makers,
clay animators, and artists of all ages.It comes in many different Colors.

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