I worked on David Allen's "The Primevals" years ago while working at Full Moon Productions FX Shop run by Mark Rappaport,
 I repaired and Patched the Foam Latex Skins of a Yeti Puppet
 and one of the Lizardman.

 Full Moon Productions put a lot into completing the Movie including building a large... almost "Mighty Joe Young" Size Yeti.

 (David Animating the Yeti...)

This is the only Footage I've seen 
or been able to find anywhere from
"The Primevals"  



Excerpts from

David Allen : 1944 - 1999

By Neil Pettigrew

THE PRIMEVALS - a tale about a secret Himalayan valley populated with giant Yetis and an ancient race of alien lizard men - was a project which Allen had nurtured in various forms since the late 1960s. After attempting to finance his dream-project independently, Allen was introduced to producer Charles Band who, at various times during the next 17 years, started up the production only to cancel it later for various reasons. But in the late 1990s, it looked like Allen had finally found the backing he needed from Band and the film would be completed. Live action was filmed in the summer of 1994, and from 1995 though much of 1999, Allen worked constantly on the film, devoting untold hours to executing its complex animation sequences. How cruel that Fate should choose now of all times to play such a callous trick, preventing Allen from ever seeing THE PRIMEVALS up on a cinema screen.

 Allen never achieved the status of stop-motion maestro Ray Harryhausen, nor did he enjoy the creative control which Harryhausen exercised over his films. But all that was due to change with THE PRIMEVALS, a production which would have demonstrated the full potential of stop-motion as a medium for depicting fantasy and adventure situations. David Allen's legion of fans are holding their breaths and hoping that THE PRIMEVALS will still be completed.